Quick Fix: Network Solutions & Azure Domain Names

Microsoft Azure is a great product for entrepreneurs. It can be difficult to set up your custom domain name. Azure requires you to jump through some »

Enumerability and Ownership of JS Objects

JavaScript objects inherit properties from the object they descended from, and all objects descended from the JavaScript Object prototype. Objects can also have their own direct »

SQL Query Primer for Software Engineers

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard language for interacting with relationshional databases management systems (RDBMS). NoSQL databases exist, but they are not going to replace »

Quick Ref: JS Increment & Decrement

JavaScript provides increment and decrement operators so that we can condense our code when increasing and decreasing variables. Those operators are ++ and --. Both of these »

Linked List: The Identity Crisis

One of the simplest data structures that you learn as a software engineer is the linked list. A linked list consists of a collection of nodes »

Meteor: Intro to Backend

Meteor is an open-source platform for building web and mobile apps. It abstracts most of the complexity of building a backend. Meteor runs on Node and »

Quick Fix: Meteor Back-end Dev Problems

Problem: You exited the Meteor shell and then ran Meteor again, and it won't let you because the port is in use. Ubuntu is a stubborn »

How to Build an Algorithm Part 2: Iterate Through Possible Solutions

This is the second of two parts on building an algorithm. After you've defined your inputs and outputs (from Part 1) you can start working through »

How to Build an Algorithm Part 1: Defining the Problem

The first thing you need to do when building an algorithm is clearly define the inputs and the outputs. This includes the data types to be »

Quick Ref: File Paths & Directories

Your root directory is the top of a tree. You either need to start from the file you're working in or the root. To start from »