10 Minute Twitter Cleanse

If you have been hacked or you've changed careers or you've been tagged in some important tweets but your account is a mess, or if you have tweets that look like this, you should definitely commit to a 10 minute Twitter cleanup.

Did you see it? Today’s hottest tweet among people I follow http://t.co/fjUySAAX5r by @DavidRoads

Don't be that person who tweets junk mail. And don't leave your Twitter timeline full of junk, even if it's old. It could still come up in search results.

Step 1: Delete Any Potentially Harmful or Offensive Tweets

Do this by hand. Right now. Even if you aren't sure if it's harmful or offensive, delete it.

Step 2: Revoke Access from Junk Apps

In settings, under Apps, click revoke access for anything that you do not recognize.

Also check Widgets, below Apps.

Step 3: Delete Your Old Tweets (optional)

If you have less than 30 tweets it is easy to do this by hand. If you have more, go check out this wikieHow for the options you have. Twitter will not do this for you, you will need to use a third-party app. Remember to disable the App from step 2 when you are done, if applicable.

If you are only concerned about a single spambot, you can search your timeline by typing '@yourhandle some-text-from-the-spam' into the search box. Delete results by hand.

Step 4: Revitalize Your Profile

  • Use a cover photo. There are plenty of sites (like this awesome guy) where you can get high quality photos to use under a creative commons license.
  • Use a professional headshot. If you have a more established following, you can get away with something cutesy, but I'm assuming you're starting out. Use a headshot.
  • Write a meaningful profile. People read this. If you use hashtags you will show up in searches for those hashtags.
  • If you do not know what a hashtag is, I can't help you.
  • Pin something interesting that you have said. If you haven't said anything interesting yet, do that first.

Step 5: Curate The People You Follow

Unfortunately, there are no clean and easy ways to do this. If you are following thousands of people that are irrelevant to you, just get a new account. I try to remove users from my timeline if they've posted irrelevant stuff multiple times that I can remember. Keeps your TL clear, for the most part.

Twitter is a beast and must be managed. Good luck and happy tweeting.