10 Minute Twitter Cleanse

If you have been hacked or you've changed careers or you've been tagged in some important tweets but your account is a mess, or if you »

JavaScript Strings

It is tempting to think of strings as arrays. They have a length property and you can access individual elements with a numberical index. You can »

Quick Ref: Scopes, Closures, & Execution Contexts

Variable: Name binding for data or functions. Variables are created at delcaration. Local variables are deleted when the function ends. Global variables are deleted when you »

Shuffle Algorithms

In 1938, Ronald Fisher and Frank Yates developed the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm. It is a random, un-biased (all possibilities are equally likely) shuffle on a set »

Looking for an Argument

In JavaScript, the arguments object is created when a function is invoked. It is an array-like object (read: it has numerical indices) of all the items »

Reset: The Leap of Faith that Led Me to Hack Reactor by Way of New Orleans

'How are you going to help me, you who never thinks of leaping off buildings?' - Kay Eiffel, Stranger than Fiction It was October 2013. »

That time when literally nothing worked

I am in the last quarter of Hack Reactor's 12-week advanced software engineering immersive. I have wrestled with Git, solved problems with algorithms, and written a »

So You Think You Want to be a Software Engineer

Several people have asked me recently about transitioning to a career in software engineering. This is a good time to do it. The industry is aggressively »

JavaScript Chaining for SQL

Chaining methods, or cascading, is a design technique that results in cleaner, more readable code. Popular libraries such sas jQuery, Mongo, and D3 utilize chaining when »

Empty Objects and Arrays

New empty objects can be created as var obj = {};. This is the object initializer. If you were to create another object with the initializer and compare »